Local Vs Long Distance Vehicle Transport

You’re probably wondering if there are tow trucks that can transport your vehicle to other cities and even other states. Well… there are, and we happen to be the best company around to handle that service. What is long distance towing, you ask? We classify long distance transporting as any job where a vehicle needs to be taken 30 miles or more including tows from state to state. These jobs are very lengthy and it can become quite expensive so to combat that, in an economy where we could all use a saved dollar, we are able to work with any budget.

Since we are a private company, we are able to provide services at our own rates where we can charge you a wholesale price for long distance towing. However, it is advised that before you decide to call for a long distance tow, that you check your vehicle thoroughly to be sure there is absolutely no other way to get it to the desired destination. Check all cables and hoses to make sure they are all connected and fully functional. Be sure to check your battery and lights as well. A telltale sign that you may only need a jumpstart is lights that come on but the vehicle will not start. Sometimes the battery just needs to be tightened.

Even if you call for a long-distance tow, our drivers are dedicated to getting you out of any predicament in the cheapest way possible so they’ll check to see if there are any alternatives to a long transport. In some cases, they may even be able to take you to a local mechanic or even store your vehicle at our local tow yard (in the event that there are no mechanic shops open, we can take your vehicle to one in the morning).

Long Distance Alternatives

One alternative to long distance towing is local towing. Local towing involves the transport of vehicles from 0-20 miles (including unloading and loading vehicles from trailers). Local transports are a preferred method as they take less time. The benefits of short towing not only include a far less expensive price but they bring a sense of immediacy to the situation. Our drivers are able to assess any situation before jumping right into towing. Instead of spending hours to get to a tire shop or mechanic that is 30 or more miles away, we can search for alternative shops in the area that provide the necessary services.

Differences Between Long Distance Transport and Local Transport

The difference between long-distance transport and local towing are the number of miles, the price and the amount of labor required to tow. Sometimes the best decision is to examine your vehicle and totally eliminate all possibilities of it being able to drive. Be sure to check under your hood to ensure that all hoses and cables are properly wired and functional. If your lights do not turn on, it could be a sign that you may only need a jumpstart or a battery tightening.

We will always assess the vehicle’s drivability once we arrive on the scene in order to give you the cheapest alternative. Local towing is preferred due to the fact that it makes it easy to get your car fixed and back on the road faster than towing long distances for the same mechanic services. Regardless, if all else fails we will be happy to tow your vehicle however far you need to go. We are here for you, our service center is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and even on holidays.

Long Distance Towing

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