Cheapest Way to Tow a Car

Not everyone has the budget to have their vehicles towed especially if you did not anticipate that you’d need to get your car towed after having problems getting it to start while you’re in the middle of nowhere.
Talk about hassle! Towing can sometimes cost as much as $100 or more depending how many miles you’re going to take as well as the services that you would need, Additionally if you’re located in big cities like in Los Angeles looking for cheap towing services can be easy.
Oh, how convenient towing Los Angeles style can be but that’s not always the case.
What people don’t realize is that they pay so much for towing services because they didn’t plan ahead.
Cheap towing isn’t impossible in fact you might even have it for free.

Cheapest price tag

1. Car Warranty

Have you checked your car warranty? Car companies, both for brand new and used cars, give warranty that covers assistance for roadside emergencies like towing.
The coverage may vary for every company but generally the services they provide aside from towing.


2. Credit Card Companies

One thing you don’t know about your credit card companies is that some of them actually offers free roadside assistance.
You should check with your bank and check if they provide this and what the specifications are.
There’s usually a limit to the number of towing miles as well as other exclusions but if you’re saving your bucks it’s a lot of help.


3. Insurance Providers

Your car insurance might not just be useful for accidents such as collisions, you can actually add roadside and towing assistance to your insurance plan and it won’t cost you that much.
The few additional dollars to your monthly payment can go along way when the time comes that you’d need towing assistance.


4. Wireless Service Providers

A lot of major wireless providers offer towing assistance as well.
But just like the credit card companies there’s a limit in the distance that they can cover for free and additional charges may apply to exceeding miles.
But it’s a price that can still be considered as cheap towing compared to other towing companies.
Aside from towing some companies also provide gas service, tire changes and locksmith assistance for certain costs.


5. Automobile Clubs

One of the perks of being in an automobile club is that they can provide your cheap or even free towing services.
If you have a membership with one better check the specifications with them so you can avail of the service when needed.


If you’re thinking of signing up for roadside assistance programs it is important that you take note of the restrictions.
There are instances when the cheapest plans have too much limitation that they aren’t even worth it anymore.
Ask yourself and the program provides these questions before signing up:

  • What is the coverage of the plan?
    Is the coverage of plan only good for the car, just the driver or both? Are your family members included in this coverage? This is important so that you can make sure that no matter who’s driving your car they can still be driven home safely in case of any unexpected roadside problem.
  • Which vehicles are covered?
    You should make sure that even if you’re using and rented car or borrowing a friend’s car you’ll still be able to get roadside assistance.
    I mean, you’ll never know when you’re going to get a blown up tire and be stuck on the road right? Better check than be sorry in the end.
  • Is there a limit to the number of tows?
    You if you signed up with a cheap plan you might think that you’ve hit the jackpot but did you check the specifications of the plan? If the plan only allows for one time towing service then it might be cheaper to pay for it with the towing company on call rather than going through the hassle of signing up with a membership.
  • What’s the mile coverage?
    This is the most common restriction for most roadside assistance plans.
    If you don’t check the nitty gritty of this matter you might not even get a towing Los Angeles to Glendale which is only 6 miles apart.
    Some memberships have as little as 3 miles coverage and then you have to pay extra for the extra miles.
    If this is the case again, it might be cheaper if you just call a towing company right there and skip out the sign up for a membership.

The trick into not having to spend so much for towing services is preparedness.
As a matter of fact if you are a car owner, this should always be the case.
You’ll never know when an accident will occur and there’s no better way to lessen the problem but to have precautions prepared for then you are hit by the most unexpected situations.


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