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 The Car Towing Company with the right Anti-Dote to Your Frustration

Having to call a tow truck can turn out to be a very frustrating moment, especially if it is from the side of the freeway or right in the dark in a deserted area, but Cheap Towing is here to take away that frustration.    

Give us a call at (424) 230-3316, then sit back and watch us deal with the ugly situation while helping to get your car back on the road. We area company dedicated to the best safety standard, and with your best interest in mind, your car towing and roadside assistance needs will be diligently handled.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Services

Have you experienced waking up in the morning to a dead battery? How about closing from work and getting ready to go back home only to discover you have a flat tire? These are just a few examples of the numerous unforeseen frustrations we at cheap towing Avocado Heights assist our customers to resolve on a daily basis.

Here are some few battery safety tips we think we should share with you.

  • Understand how old your battery is –whenever you set out to purchase battery for your vehicle, write down the purchase date and the average lifespan of the battery
  • Keep it clean—remove corrosions and debris from the battery terminals, and be sure to store in an appropriate place when not in use
  • Always inspect the cables – there are times cables might turn out lose and may prevent proper connection
  • Look out for a dash light — If a battery light comes on the dash, your battery might need serious attention

These steps represent some of the few ways we want to help you in keeping your car battery in good shape. Services like jumpstart forms the core of what we do, but we are always on standby to help you with a tow or fix a car lockout, open trunk services and much more from our roadside service expert.

Cheap Towing Avocado Heights Proud Services

We are proud to have been of great help to the mammoth crowd that makes up our customer base. We have gone through the heights to service the local community, meeting people’s long and short distance towing needs. Unlike some companies, we work at nights, and in all weather conditions. We know there is no way one can predict the emergency towing situation. Hence, we work 24 hours—round the clock—providing you with a quick tow around the block or embarking on that long haul from across the ‘Heights’ of town.

At a glance, our services include but not limited to:

  • Gas delivery
  • Car towing
  • Truck towing
  • Jumpstart
  • Tire replacement and,
  • Lockout

For more information, CALL US AT: (424)230-3316.

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